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Step 1: Building Business Tasks

A. Create a Business Name:  Come up with a business name.  Some examples are $5 Jewelry and Hair Accessories by Natalie.  


B. Create a Facebook Business Page


C. Create an Online Presence: Decide which social media outlets you wish to use for your business. At minimum, I suggest you create an Instagram and facebook account(along with your business and VIP pages on Facebook).

I also suggest you follow the following:

Paparazzi On Facebook

Paparazzi Founders

Winner's Circle

Diner's, Drive In's, and Dorks

D. Join Team 24K Diamonds on Facebook: Team Hadley is a Facebook group for you to be able to ask questions, get information, and connect with the rest of the  team.  Feel free to ask questions on it, but also make sure to take your questions to your personal sponsor, so they can help you further with your specific circumstances. Click HERE to be taken to the Team Hadley page and request to join it.  See  you there!   


E. Order Business Cards:  I have used to create business cards before. I have shopped around and found that it is the cheapest option for business cards.  You can create your own design, use one of their many templates, or go to the Paparazzi specific business card portal at and use one of their Paparazzi designs.  If you create your own, be sure to upload the Paparazzi logo which is available under the  "Resources" tab in your back office (see task J below) and include that on your card. A few additional items that you also want to include on your cards are: your name, phone number, email, and your replicated website address which will be ( (replace the numbers with your consultant number).  Be sure to include everything is just $5. 


F. Paparazzi Contact Information: If you need to contact Paparazzi for any reason, here is their contact information.  I recommend you contact your personal sponsor first to see if they can help you further.  

Phone: 1(855) 697-2727


Available Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm Mountain Time.

G. Back Office: You have your own back office utility within the main paparazzi website. In order to get there, go to, login, and then enter your username which is your consultant ID number and your password you created when you signed up.  Here you can perform tasks such as ordering jewelry, checking your order status, checking your Personal Volume (PV), and check your commissions. 

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