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Step 3: Displays

If you are planning to do home parties and events, I recommend you display your jewelry using the garment rack display.  It is lightweight and will fit into any size car.  It also holds a lot of jewelry.  I use the hooks that come in your kit and are also available to purchase in the back office.  All the supplies you need can be bought from Walmart and your local hardware store.

At Walmart, you will need to get:


  • 1 Mainstays brand two tier garment rack for $14.88*

  • 1-2 Classic Gray color Krylon spray paint cans for $3.86* each

  • 1 Pack of gray Velcro zip ties for around $5.50* (the black and gray reversible ones work fine too)

  • 1 pack of s-hooks (type HI-75) for $0.97*

At the local Hardware Store (i.e. Lowe's or Home Depot), you will need to get:


  • 1 whole sheet of pegboard for $15.98* (at Lowes and they will cut it for you and 1 will cover a whole rack) 

After the peg board has been cut (I had them remove about 4 inches off the whole length and then cut the remaining rectangle in quarters), you will want to spray paint the shiny side of the pegboard with the gray spray paint.  It may take two or three coats.  While the paint is drying, assemble the garment rack per the instructions that come in the box.  Cut the Velcro ties in half the long way.  Once the pegboard is dry, thread the cut Velcro zip ties through several holes across the top of the pegboard and attach it to the top rack of the garment rack.  Repeat with a second piece of pegboard. Also Velcro the pegboard to the side poles.  Then fasten the "s" hooks through the bottom corners of the two hanging pegboards, and then hang a lower pegboard from them.  Use Velcro zip ties to secure it to the side poles also.   Place the display hooks that come in the starter kit where you want them and then secure them on the back with either the black grommets that are available in the Back Office or with aquarium tubing (like shown in the picture).  This will prevent the hooks from coming out of the pegboard.  Then organize your jewelry by color blocking (like colors all in the same area) for ease of shopping and accessorizing for your customers.

*Prices shown are for at the time of publishing.  Prices may have changed.

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