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Step 2: Materials for a home party

A. Yard Sign: There are often two options available of yard signs in the Back Office.  The single sign is $9.95 and the trio is $29.99.  I have used mine for events, home parties, etc.  It is a big reminder that the party is happening and will remind your customers to come in and shop!

B. Apron:  The apron is $11.99 and you can purchase it through your back office.  It has three pockets to keep change, phone, and sales bags in during your party. 

D. Cashbox/Cash Bag:  A locking cashbox is a great way to store change for your customers.  You can get them at Walmart for $10.00. 

E. How Much Change to Have: 1 roll of quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies.  $20 in fives, $20 in tens, and $20 in ones.

F. Set Up a Square Account (if you haven’t already): You need to have a way to accept credit/debit cards.  Sign up at  and request a card swiper for free, and then download the app on your smart phone.  I recommend also that you get the chip card reader since the majority of cards now have chips and it helps to protect you as a business owner.  It will also allow you to take cell phone payments.  I have found the more payment options you have, the better chance of a sale.  It costs $49 and can be found on the Square website also.

G .Table Cloth: If you are planning to do home parties and events, I recommend you display your rings, bracelets, headbands, and hair clips on a card table or kitchen table during a party. A black tablecloth looks nice to cover the table, and makes your jewelry stand out.  You can purchase this one from the Back Office for $44.99 featuring the Paparazzi Logo or a plain one at Walmart or Target for $10.00.

H. $5 Signs:  I recommended creating your own $5 signs! This one in the picture was made at a copy shop.  It is made out of corrugated plastic.  You can also print out $5 on pink cardstock and have it laminated at a copy shop.  You attach it to your displays with Velcro, which is in the craft section at your local store. 

I. Mirror:  It is important to have mirrors displayed around your party. Customers like to try on jewelry and see how it looks. I purchased the one in the picture at target for $5.  I put it in an easel to dress it up and add height.

J. Booking Party Vinyl Signs: It is important to visualize to your guests that you offer free jewelry for hosting a party.  On this black charger plate, I have a Want Free Jewelry? Host a Party that is vinyl lettering on a black plate. I bought the charger plate from the dollar store.

K. Hair Clip/Ring Display: There are ring displays available to purchase in the back office which are shown in the photo.  The hair clip display from the above picture is available at  You can display your hair clips on a plate laying down, in a basket, or etc! It is fun to be creative.

L. Shopping Baskets: You need to purchase 10 shopping baskets for your customers.  They come in handy while customers are shopping.  They do buy more because they don’t have to carry the jewelry around.  You can purchase them at All A Dollar or Target. 

M. Calendar:  Calendars are an important part of your business.  I recommend buying the Party Planner Calendar in the Back Office for $17.99.  Another option would be a large desktop calendar at Walmart or an office supply store.  Having a full calendar of parties is like job security.

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